If you are in the business of providing mortgage loans, you know just how important it is to make sure that every lead you get is the best mortgage lead possible. You know already that spending time chasing down leads that go nowhere makes doing your job more difficult.

The difference is clear when you feel that you are getting the best mortgage lead. When you feel that you are getting the best mortgage lead, you will have the sense that the person who you contact not only is actively pursuing getting a mortgage loan but also that they will want to work with you. When you feel that you are getting the best mortgage lead, you will be able to talk with a prospective client who understands the services that you provide.

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  • * When you use theWest Mortgage Solutions to find your mortgage leads, you will be able to sort through information about those individuals in a specific area that match your criteria: each mortgage lead that you pursue can be for individuals who are of a certain age, income level or occupation;
  • * Looking for the best mortgage lead for current homeowners who are looking to purchase a larger home? Search through the database to find those individuals whose income has increased, individuals who currently own a condominium and may be looking to buy a house or for those whose families are of a particular size;
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  • * Trying to find the best mortgage lead for a refinancing offer? With our directories, you will be able to find those individuals or families that have been in their home for a number of years and to offer them a mortgage product that could help to save them money.